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We employ professionals of the highest level.

Based on knowledge of the ways of hacking, we create the most secure IT solutions for communication and information storage.
From this moment
your information is PRIVATELY yours
We are engaged in protection of personal data on a deeper level, developing effective solutions for IT security.
Our products allow you to profit modern technologies again, while maintaining the privacy and security of your personal information.
Exclusive security of your messaging
A messenger that successfully resists the most common types of information threats - interception of messages and extraction of correspondence history. Secure key generation involves smartphone gyroscope at all stages of encryption and data transfer. Message history can be instantly deleted without leaving a trace.
  • a .   Random encryption key formation using a gyroscope
  • b .   Custom keyboard that is not logging the text
  • c .   Full protection against user account interception
  • d .   Add members personally or with one-time invitation code
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SSG Netbook
Exclusive security of your personal data
A personal computer that brings you the ultimate security for your online banking. Eliminates threats of money theft from the bank account, personal correspondence hack or equipment loss. Fully immune against computer viruses and unauthorized access to your mail, documents, microphone and web camera. Makes it impossible to restore documents and other service data when stolen, captured or under judicial seizure.
  • a .   Operates without internal HDD
  • b .   Spyware protected
  • c .   Impossible to restore any information without user consent
SSG Encrypted messages («Try it!»)
Exclusive security of your messaging in public services
Online messaging service, that uses links to encrypted messages, files and chats, instead of clear text.
  • a .   Password protection against interception of messages
  • b .   No information saved in correspondence history
  • c .   Higher level of encryption through a random number generator
  • d .   Ability to create fake messages that hide real ones
SSG Phone
Exclusive security of your communications
The ultimately protected smartphone for voice communication and messaging, eliminating all major security threats of data transmission over GSM/UMTS/LTE/Wi-Fi networks.
  • a .   Spyware-protected operating system and custom software
  • b .   Ability to turn off phone components on the hardware level
  • c .   Reliable control system of Internet access
  • d .   Emergency user data deletion in case of theft or loss
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