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We employ professionals of the highest level.

Based on knowledge of the ways of hacking, we create the most secure IT solutions for communication and information storage.
From this moment
your information is PRIVATELY yours
We are engaged in protection of personal data on a deeper level, developing effective solutions for IT security.
Our products allow you to profit modern technologies again, while maintaining the privacy and security of your personal information.
Privacy. Security. Out-of-the-box
A messenger that successfully resists the most common types of cyber security threats - server's hack and data recovery using digital mobile forensics equipment
  • a .   Anti mobile forensics - no database of the mobile phone used
  • b .   Several hidden accounts in one app
  • c .   Messages, voice messages, files and groups encrypted by default
  • d .   Random encryption key generation using a gyroscope/tapping/timestamps
  • e .   MITM is impossible - all encryption keys are shared without server involved
  • f .   No mobile number/e-mail/login needed for account
  • g .   Use seed phrase and password to transfer account to the new device
  • h .   Add external user to contacts by one-time URL
  • i .   Web version for secure work on PC
  • j .   Fast on-premise deployment for enterprise
  • k .   White label available
  • l .   Quantum computers resistant protocol
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Keep calm and manage your secrets
Kryptos Private Laptop- out-of-the-box protection against hacker attacks and raiders for the average user. The laptop includes hardware kill switch for peripherals, prohibition of local data storage at the hardware level, changing the MAC address, filling the RAM with a random figures when shutting down, working with encrypted flash drives, hidden crypto wallets and a protected corporate cloud.
  • a .   Bios module has hardware write protection
  • b .   No hard disk to store files permanently - only cloud services
  • c .   Built-in industrial SSD with hardware write protection and pre installed live Debian OS (customized)
  • d .   USB/Audio/Camera can be disconnected using hardware kill switch (radio token)
  • e .   Wi-Fi MAC address and laptop username changes each time you reboot
  • f .   Impossible to restore any information after reboot
The only way to benefit from VPN
If you need privacy out-of-the-box this item is going to help you. You can hide your internet activity from provider’s eyes using our modem with built-in VPN and Firewall - especially if you work with crypto. You need only to choose the incoming source of the internet - sim-card or LAN and power on the device!
  • a .   Smart 4G to WiFi Converter with IMEIs inside using any sim-card
  • b .   Security/Privacy: Firewall + OpenVPN + WireGuard - nobody is going to see you dealing with crypto
  • c .   Memory: DDR2 128 MB
  • d .   Ethernet Ports: 2 ports (1 WAN, 1 LAN)
  • e .   USB Ports: USB 2.0
SSG Encrypted messages («Try it!»)
Exclusive security of your messaging in public services
Online messaging service, that uses links to encrypted messages, files and chats, instead of clear text.
  • a .   Password protection against interception of messages
  • b .   No information saved in correspondence history
  • c .   Higher level of encryption through a random number generator
  • d .   Ability to create fake messages that hide real ones
Exclusive security of your communications
The ultimately protected smartphone for voice communication and messaging, eliminating all major security threats of data transmission over GSM/UMTS/LTE/Wi-Fi networks.
  • a .   Spyware-protected operating system and custom software
  • b .   Ability to turn off phone components on the hardware level
  • c .   Reliable control system of Internet access
  • d .   Emergency user data deletion in case of theft or loss
A digital condom for your Facebook account. Be public. Stay Private.
You CAN eat your cake and KEEP it…)
While using The Fondom Project you are public but stay private on Facebook. Mark has no access to your messages, posts.No annoying political advertising,no crypto censorship.
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